SUP Pilates Limassol

STARTING THIS JUNE — very effective, very challenging, and great fun!!!

Stand Up Pad­dle Board Pilates builds your bal­ance and strength while per­form­ing some of the Pilates mat exer­cis­es on a pad­dle board.

Dur­ing your ses­sion you will be guid­ed through an adapt­ed class incor­po­rat­ing a warm-up pad­dle to get the blood flow­ing, then onto the Pilates method which can help build flex­i­bil­i­ty, mus­cle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdom­i­nals, arms, hips and back. After a great work­out and stretch in natures own stu­dio, the cool down pad­dle back will ease you back into your day.

SUP Pilates limassol

SUP Pilates Limassol

SUP Pilates Limassol

Limassol SUP pilatesSUP PIlates Limassol

As the board is float­ing on water, the pad­dler must con­stant­ly recruit deep sta­bi­liz­ing mus­cles of the pelvis and spine just to stand on the board and pad­dle it. Tak­ing it fur­ther, adding core-based exer­cis­es to the board will enhance the recruit­ment of such mus­cles. Hence, adding Pilates exer­cis­es to the board will enhance the chal­lenge and ben­e­fits of Pilates. For exam­ple, when per­form­ing what seems to be a sim­ple exer­cise like Leg Cir­cles, the par­tic­i­pant is remind­ed to sta­bi­lize their pelvis, and ensure that their weight is not shift­ing from hip to hip. On the pad­dle­board, the board will not only pro­vide feed­back about the unsta­ble pelvis by rock­ing, it will also pro­vide more of a chal­lenge because the wob­bly hips and uncon­trolled leg move­ments will cause the board to flip over. The same proves true with per­form­ing exer­cis­es that address spinal sta­bil­i­ty and abdom­i­nal strength. Not only will the par­tic­i­pant be work­ing the abdom­i­nals in flex­ion, they will be fir­ing more sta­bi­liz­ers to main­tain the sta­bil­i­ty on the unsta­ble board, thus mak­ing the exer­cise more chal­leng­ing. More com­pli­cat­ed exer­cis­es, like Kneel­ing Side Leg Series, for exam­ple, are par­tic­u­lar­ly chal­leng­ing because of the require­ment of scapu­lar AND pelvic sta­bil­i­ty nec­es­sary to per­form this series prop­er­ly. All-in-all, Pilates rou­tines on the Stand Up Pad­dle­board are very effec­tive, very chal­leng­ing, and very fun!

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