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personal training Limassol

  • Q: Can any­one train with you?
  • A: Absolute­ly

I train some clients year-round and some in prepa­ra­tion for spe­cif­ic events — from reunions and wed­dings to train­ing camps and con­tests.

  • Q: Where do you train your clients?
  • A: Wher­ev­er suits the client.

At mine stu­dio, in the park, beach or at the see (SUP Pilates).

  • Q: Do you train small groups?
  • A: Yes.

I offer pri­vate, semi-pri­vate (2 ppl) or small group (4 ppl) lessons.

  • Q: What is a mum & baby les­son?
  • A: Mums can bring their babies at my stu­dio and enjoy one hour work out while babies are play­ing around, sleep­ing…

The floor is safe and clean, and no wor­ries if they make a mess. I got the idea for a  mum & baby les­son after I had my daugh­ter three years ago. She had great fun watch­ing me doing floor exer­cis­es. ..

  • Q: What if one is over 50 and nev­er exer­cised before?
  • A: It is nev­er too late to start.

I usu­al­ly start with short ses­sion two times per week and grad­u­al­ly increase dura­tion and/or fre­quen­cy of the ses­sions. I work a lot on mobil­i­ty and cir­cu­lar move­ment of the limbs to increase pro­duc­tion of syn­ovial liq­uids that lubri­cate the joints. For those who were inac­tive for a long peri­od, it is essen­tial to slow­ly add strength exer­cis­es into their rou­tine.

  • Q:  Why “Rolling Out” is essen­tial to your work­out phi­los­o­phy?
  • A:  Rolling Out stretch­es mus­cles, ten­dons and releas­es the fas­cia.

Self-myofas­cial release is a fan­cy term for self-mas­sage to release mus­cle tight­ness or trig­ger points. By apply­ing pres­sure to spe­cif­ic points on your body you are able to aid in the recov­ery of mus­cles and assist in return­ing them to nor­mal func­tion. Nor­mal func­tion means your mus­cles are elas­tic, healthy, and ready to per­form at a moment’s notice.

  • Q:  Describe your train­ing style:
  • A: Max­i­mize work­out & min­i­mize time
  • Q: What equip­ment do you use?
  • A:  TRX Sus­pen­sion train­ing sys­tem    Agili­ty lad­der    Free weights   Ket­tel­bell     Bosu     Foam roller     Pilates props

Limassol personal training

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