It’s not about your weight, it’s where that weight comes from

The 3 most common mistakes women make when trying to get in shape


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So you’ve decid­ed to get seri­ous about get­ting in shape. Go you! Unfor­tu­nate­ly though, a lot of peo­ple lack the nec­es­sary know-how. They slave away on the tread­mill, watch their calo­ries… It’s a rou­tine that becomes bor­ing quite quick­ly, and doesn’t get you the results you could get with­in the same amount of time.

It’s total­ly under­stand­able though; Train­ing and nutri­tion are a sci­ence, and there are is a lot of mis­in­for­ma­tion out there. So let me get you up to speed on the basics! That way you can work towards that killer bod way more effi­cient­ly. Here are three com­mon mis­takes women (and men to a less­er degree) make when try­ing to get in shape…

Mistake #1: Focussing On The Weighing Scale

Ask your­self the fol­low­ing ques­tion: Do you want to look slim­mer and more toned, or do you want a low­er num­ber on the weigh­ing scale? Because sim­ply drop­ping weight doesn’t mean your body will look slim­mer and your clothes will fit bet­ter. Here’s why…

Fat Is Less Dense Than Muscle

As you can see, even when equal­ly heavy — mus­cle takes up less space in your body than fat. This means some­one that’s 135lbs can eas­i­ly look thin­ner than some­one that’s 125 lbs. That’s why I always encour­age my clients to mea­sure results with mea­sur­ing tape, or, guess what? The mir­ror! Because it’s not about your weight, it’s where that weight comes from. And that’s brings us to mis­take num­ber two…



Mistake #2: Not Lifting Weights

But I don’t want to get bulky!” It’s pret­ty much the most com­mon argu­ment I hear from ladies against weight lift­ing. It’s kind of fun­ny, because you’d have to be some sort of med­ical mir­a­cle to add much bulk with lift­ing weights as a woman.

Why Weight Lifting Won’t Make You Bulky

In com­par­i­son to women, men pro­duce much more ana­bol­ic hor­mones, aka mus­cle build­ing hor­mones. Women sim­ply lack the com­bo of hor­mones that enables putting on much mus­cle. There are of course always excep­tions. Some women do hap­pen to be blessed (or cursed, depend­ing on your views) with men-like hor­mone pro­duc­tion. But the chances you are that spe­cial snowflake are real­ly small.

On top of hor­mon­al influ­ences, putting on real mus­cle also requires a seri­ous change in nutri­tion, and some real­ly dis­ci­plined train­ing. The kind most of us ladies prob­a­bly don’t (want to) engage in.

But I Do Look Fluffed Up!

Feel like you look more heavy after lift­ing weights? Total­ly pos­si­ble. Espe­cial­ly when you’re new to weightlift­ing, the exer­cise will inflame your mus­cles and draw flu­ids to them for recov­ery. This might make your mus­cles look a lit­tle more fluffy, but fear not miladies: This is only tem­po­rary. And some good ol’ stretch­ing and rolling out can decrease this effect.Download my free guide to start rolling out now!

Weight Lifting Burns Calories All Day Long (And Then Some)

Unlike car­dio – where you only burn calo­ries dur­ing your work­out – weight lift­ing burns calo­ries for up to 38 hours after your work­out. Even when your sexy butt’s perched on the couch! This is because recov­er­ing mus­cles boost your meta­bol­ic rate aka your body’s calo­rie burn­ing stove.

Weight Lifting Burns More Fat

Research has shown that lift­ing weights burns more fat than car­dio. When they com­pared three groups – one doing no exer­cise, one doing car­dio, and once doing lift­ing – the lifters lost about 6lbs of fat extra. Why? In com­par­i­son with car­dio, lift­ing weights burns way more fat than mus­cle. Yup, that use­ful, heard earned mus­cle that makes your body so lean and sexy! This brings us to mis­take num­ber 3….

Mistake #3: Focussing Too Much on Cardio

Car­dio – and by that I mean the reg­u­lar endurance train­ing type car­dio – burns calo­ries, and is hard to do wrong, so what bet­ter way to get into shape than hit­ting that tread­mill and becom­ing a reg­u­lar car­dio bun­ny? Well, let me tell ya!

Cardio’s Effects Aren’t That Big

When com­bined with healthy eat­ing (which should be your first get­ting-in-shape pri­or­i­ty) car­dio doesn’t book much extra results. A study showed that when com­pared to healthy eat­ing alone, reg­u­lar car­dio on top of healthy eat­ing made peo­ple lose only 1lbs more fat. And this was over a peri­od of 12 weeks. Weightlifters on the con­trary lost 35% and 44% more fat than both groups.

Cardio Often Isn’t Done Right

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against endurance type car­dio. It has a ton of men­tal and phys­i­cal health ben­e­fits and is always -always- bet­ter than no exer­cise. But when it comes to get­ting in shape, car­dio is so often not used to its full poten­tial. Instead of doing long, steady runs or spin­ning ses­sions, opt for High Inten­si­ty Inter­val Train­ing (HIIT) instead. The effects are dra­mat­ic: You can burn up to 3 times more fat in half the time.


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