It’s not about your weight, it’s where that weight comes from

The 3 most common mistakes women make when trying to get in shape


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So you’ve decided to get serious about getting in shape. Go you! Unfortunately though, a lot of people lack the necessary know-how. They slave away on the treadmill, watch their calories… It’s a routine that becomes boring quite quickly, and doesn’t get you the results you could get within the same amount of time.

It’s totally understandable though; Training and nutrition are a science, and there are is a lot of misinformation out there. So let me get you up to speed on the basics! That way you can work towards that killer bod way more efficiently. Here are three common mistakes women (and men to a lesser degree) make when trying to get in shape…

Mistake #1: Focussing On The Weighing Scale

Ask yourself the following question: Do you want to look slimmer and more toned, or do you want a lower number on the weighing scale? Because simply dropping weight doesn’t mean your body will look slimmer and your clothes will fit better. Here’s why…

Fat Is Less Dense Than Muscle

As you can see, even when equally heavy — muscle takes up less space in your body than fat. This means someone that’s 135lbs can easily look thinner than someone that’s 125 lbs. That’s why I always encourage my clients to measure results with measuring tape, or, guess what? The mirror! Because it’s not about your weight, it’s where that weight comes from. And that’s brings us to mistake number two…



Mistake #2: Not Lifting Weights

“But I don’t want to get bulky!” It’s pretty much the most common argument I hear from ladies against weight lifting. It’s kind of funny, because you’d have to be some sort of medical miracle to add much bulk with lifting weights as a woman.

Why Weight Lifting Won’t Make You Bulky

In comparison to women, men produce much more anabolic hormones, aka muscle building hormones. Women simply lack the combo of hormones that enables putting on much muscle. There are of course always exceptions. Some women do happen to be blessed (or cursed, depending on your views) with men-like hormone production. But the chances you are that special snowflake are really small.

On top of hormonal influences, putting on real muscle also requires a serious change in nutrition, and some really disciplined training. The kind most of us ladies probably don’t (want to) engage in.

But I Do Look Fluffed Up!

Feel like you look more heavy after lifting weights? Totally possible. Especially when you’re new to weightlifting, the exercise will inflame your muscles and draw fluids to them for recovery. This might make your muscles look a little more fluffy, but fear not miladies: This is only temporary. And some good ol’ stretching and rolling out can decrease this effect.Download my free guide to start rolling out now!

Weight Lifting Burns Calories All Day Long (And Then Some)

Unlike cardio – where you only burn calories during your workout – weight lifting burns calories for up to 38 hours after your workout. Even when your sexy butt’s perched on the couch! This is because recovering muscles boost your metabolic rate aka your body’s calorie burning stove.

Weight Lifting Burns More Fat

Research has shown that lifting weights burns more fat than cardio. When they compared three groups – one doing no exercise, one doing cardio, and once doing lifting – the lifters lost about 6lbs of fat extra. Why? In comparison with cardio, lifting weights burns way more fat than muscle. Yup, that useful, heard earned muscle that makes your body so lean and sexy! This brings us to mistake number 3….

Mistake #3: Focussing Too Much on Cardio

Cardio – and by that I mean the regular endurance training type cardio – burns calories, and is hard to do wrong, so what better way to get into shape than hitting that treadmill and becoming a regular cardio bunny? Well, let me tell ya!

Cardio’s Effects Aren’t That Big

When combined with healthy eating (which should be your first getting-in-shape priority) cardio doesn’t book much extra results. A study showed that when compared to healthy eating alone, regular cardio on top of healthy eating made people lose only 1lbs more fat. And this was over a period of 12 weeks. Weightlifters on the contrary lost 35% and 44% more fat than both groups.

Cardio Often Isn’t Done Right

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against endurance type cardio. It has a ton of mental and physical health benefits and is always –always– better than no exercise. But when it comes to getting in shape, cardio is so often not used to its full potential. Instead of doing long, steady runs or spinning sessions, opt for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) instead. The effects are dramatic: You can burn up to 3 times more fat in half the time.


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